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Debit Cards

The VISA debit card acts as both an ATM card, and a check. Use it at any VISA terminal in the world or at virtually any ATM to get cash.

Fees for the card are $4 initially, and a .42 charge for every ATM (not VISA) transaction over 3 free per month. You must have a checking account to have a debit card.

Debit Card Disclosure


The following charges apply to the Debit Card:
Initial Card Cost
$4 per card
Replacement Card
$4 per card
ATM Transaction*
42 cents (3 free per month)
Monthly Fee

* There is no charge for using the debit card at a VISA terminal when a PIN number is not entered. Use of the Employees Credit Union ATM at 2714 Central Ave, Estherville, IA does NOT count towards a free transaction and an ATM Transaction fee will not be charged.

Employees Credit Union is part of the privligied status network. Look for this logo to avoid ATM surcharges. These machines are located around the country. Click here for more information.

The credit union may charge a fee of up to $20 for returning a card to you that was captured at another ATM. This fee will only be charged if the credit union is charged by the owner of the ATM.

Card Limitations/Requirements

  1. Limitations on withdrawals:
    - You may withdraw $200 per transaction at an ATM.
    - You may withdraw only $200 per day at an ATM.
    - Debit card purchases are limited to the lessor amount of your daily limit, or the amount in shares in your regular savings accounts and your share draft account.

  2. Limitations on deposits to your account:
    - Employees Credit Union may place a hold on all deposits made at an ATM. You will be allowed to withdraw the first $100 deposited. The remainder of the amount deposited may not be available for 5 business days from the initial date of deposit. Some machines may not take deposits. Some states will not allow ATM deposits.

  3. Card Ownership:
    - Employees Credit Union retains ownership of the card and reserves the right to revoke card privileges at any time for any reason. A card may be reinstated or the withdrawal limit or debit card purchase limit may be changed at the discretion of the credit union.

  4. Personal Identification Number (PIN):
    - Never give your PIN to another individual. Never write your PIN in your billfold, purse, or on your card. DO memorize your PIN.


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